Our vision is to fuel the dreams of hard-working entrepreneurs who yearn to change the world by making access to finance inclusive. We are a multi-skilled team with diverse expertise in the areas of finance, enterprise development, local economic development, and start-up development.

Our corporate and business banking experience has equipped us with the necessary tools to enable us to navigate the complexities of sourcing and raising finance for your business to fulfill contract obligations. The passion and professionalism of our team, who are mostly young women, set us apart from our competitors because of our ability to pay attention to finer details. We have a combined private and public sector business portfolio. Our experience is balanced and diversified: Asset Financing, Short-term Investment Financing, and Equity Financing for small businesses. 

Tsholofelo Choene
Chief Executive Officer

My love for banking and finance is best defined by my passion to find solutions to complex business problems, but the journey of my career has defied convention. I started as a volunteer at the local school teaching economics and accounting to grade 12 learners. My volunteer work would last for almost two years after which I joined SA Truck Bodies as a Business Analyst. One of the great advantages of working for a small company is that it granted me the opportunity to do an in-depth end to end financial needs analysis of our clients' business, the majority of which fell within the small business space. We will then package financing solutions that enabled them to acquire assets to expand their operations. The fulfillment that comes with witnessing some of our clients expanding their operations beyond the borders of our beautiful South Africa, made our efforts worthwhile.

I would later join ABSA Bank asset finance division, serving commercial clients. It was during my exciting three-year stint at ABSA Bank that my passion to strive for financial inclusion was ignited. We grew our asset financing portfolio to R822 969 109 ($ 57 110 973) in that period.

Having observed how significant access to finance was in the sustainability and the growth of small businesses, I became determined to venture out on my own to fulfill my innate passion of ensuring that inclusive access to finance for entrepreneurs become a reality, particularly for entrepreneurs who would otherwise not enjoy access to the mainstream financial system. I have always believed that financial inclusion will spark the growth of the economy of our beautiful country.

The bank would later go through the unfortunate restructuring process and my position was not spared. As part of the retrenchment package, the opportunity for training on entrepreneurship was presented to us for consideration. After a careful and painstaking thought process, I decided to embrace the opportunity of starting my own business. As daunting and uncertain as the prospects of being out of the security of employment are, my vision outweighed my fear.

My professional journey in finance and investment started when I registered for a Bachelor of Commerce in Investment and Banking at the University of Free State. I also completed  Business Risk Management and Business Systems Analysis from the University of Cape Town. I have recently embarked on another exciting journey of completing the Chartered Financial Analysis qualification.

To satisfy my Professional Development in the financial services sector, I registered and passed my Regulatory Examination in 2017 to comply with the Financial Services Board requirement.


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